My work is rooted in the experiences growing up in Havana, not Cuba but a small town in the Midwest, where I learned the value of hard work. Always mindful of avoiding “waste”, recycling, reuse and repurposing were practiced as a way of life. Grateful to have spent my formative years with my grandfather in his workshop provided me with the skills and passion for making things. My work is notable for the abundance of fresh and unexpected views, a lively sense of color and an appreciation for revealing the simple beauty from the most mundane or ordinary of circumstances.
While my work owes much to compositional movements; intuition and serendipity are always abundantly evident. Capturing splashes of light and contrasting dark, interesting patterns and bold forms all speak clearly about the subject. At times an image that I’m developing may appear incomplete or even random. I consider this a strength, not a loss that needs repairing. This phenomenon is what the Japanese aesthetic calls Wabi-Sabi. My unique hands-on printing process, keeps attention focused on the “sketch” quality of the print and ensures the fresh unselfconscious product I hold in high regard.
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