My name is Max Steele and I am a fine arts photographer based in the Uptown neighborhood of  Minneapolis. I started my romance with photography after receiving my first camera from my Dad more than 5 decades ago! I have circled the globe twice, visiting every continent, and captured memories both on film and in my soul.
Currently I am making montage prints on paper. By combining diverse photographic images using ink jet printer technology, I am able to create a multitude of different narratives. The narratives that evolve from this process, produce fusions, new stories along with fresh and inspiring ways to look at our world.
In my five plus decades as a practicing architect, I focused on designing for the success of the project. I have an array of credits and experience in making places magical around the world for a cadre of premier clients. As a designer, I offered my clients experiential solutions that elevated the physical world into an adventure through the craft of placemaking. Throughout my career, I have used photography and art to communicate these experiences.
Visualizing the unknown and seeing what others do not see is the focus of a designer. The need to create and express myself has always been an essential part of my life career. Bauhaus and DeStijl design theories are fundamental compositional structures foundational to all of my design work. Visual disciplines typical to an architectural project shares similar processes including interior design, graphic design, product design, landscape design. Having designed some of the world’s premier mixed-use complexes where creativity was paramount to success, I now target bringing the same dedication, craft and “eye” to my career in the art world.
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