What is the role of art in a post covid world?
The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world’s population for nearly nine months now and has foisted on us an environment that basically keeps us apart. It has been more devastating than anyone could imagine. Way too many people have died. We have been moved inward to our thoughts and fears that have long been neglected. The contribution made by the arts has emerged as a key contributor towards our well being. There are likely more critical needs than art but momentary joys that come through creative bursts of artistic expression become more impactful to our lives than we realize.
I believe as many do, that art has the power to unite and connect especially in this time of uncertainty and isolation. Throughout this time art has actually been flourishing. Witness the increased proliferation of juried shows and competitions and the robust response from artists to flood the galleries with first rate expressions of art over the summer months. These events have brought artist together to inspire, heal, provide hope, to think positive, to understand, to reveal a fresh way of seeing the world.
For me, this time of confinement has also been a period of openness, a time of contemplation, reflection and ultimately of creativity. Mourning the world that was may be a starting point but a moment that quickly is taken over with thoughts of a world where anything is possible and challenges us to invent, create and imagine what others cannot.
Artist have an opportunity, maybe even a responsibility to go deeper and embrace the divide; inspire and enchant our lives, use concepts of solitary to enjoy silence, welcome and enjoy intimacy and revel in serenity.
As the world awaits for a fix to the virus, a whisper of things returning to familiar times, welcome artist to step forward and do what they do best, expose the truth, change our perspective, amaze us, create magic and reveal the beauty that is everywhere just waiting to be captured and framed.
Max Steele
14 September 2020
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