1966        Master of Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
1965        Bachelor of Architecture, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL
2019        Artist Introduction* at Walker Place, Minneapolis, MN
2018        Capitol Hill Friends** at Roy Coffee House, Seattle, WA
2017        Restaurant Collection* at Roosters Mexican Restaurant, Seattle, WA
2017        Quarterly Themed Restaurant Experiences** at Coastal Bar and Grill, Seattle, WA
2016        Kirkland Neighborhood** at Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland, WA
2016        Wanderlust* at The Globe Gallery, Seattle, WA
2016        Wandering* at The Virginia Inn, Seattle, WA
2015        Seen and Unseen** at Davidson Galleries, Seattle, WA
2014        Art by Architects** at MG2 Architects, Bellevue,WA
2004       Museum of African American Culture Fundraiser** at Chase Bank, Houston, TX
1990        Your Shot, Our Show** at Jo Tartt Gallery, Washington, D
1990’s     AIA Annual Calendars (4 years)
1983        Spaceships, Paperclips and Chicken-coops* at University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
1980’s     Natural Trust for Historic Preservation Calendars (4 years)
1978        Reflections & Elevations*** at Lyons Gallery, Lyons, CO
1975        Passion, Fashion and Ice Cream* at University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Juried Shows
2020       Black and White at Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
2020       Photography Without a Lens at Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, Providence, RI
2020       Spot On at D’Art Gallery, Denver, CO
2020       Art in the Time of Corona at Dab Art Co, Los Angeles, CA
2020       Summer Group Show at real ART, Agoura Hills, CA
2020       Annual Photography Show at Spanish Peaks Arts Council, La Veta, CO
2016        Capitol Hill Friends at Gage Academy of Art, Seattle, WA
2011         Land and Water at Photo Center NW, Seattle, WA
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